Imberhorne Farm Workers Past & Present

Imberhorne Farm Workers Past & Present

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Tom Pollard, Tommy Wheeler & Fred Pentecost

This picture was taken in 1929 and shows the group haymaking.

Picture courtesy of Midge Orpen.


Mr Saunders


This picture was taken in 1929 and shows Mr. Saunders in front of a stack of hay.


Picture coutesy of Midge Orpen.


 mr saunders_tn.jpg

Fred Pentecost & Tom Pollard


This picture shows the men harvesting with a reaper and was taken in 1929.

Photograph courtesy of Midge Orpen.



Tommy Wheeler

Tommy was pictured in 1929 on the binder.

Courtesy of Midge Orpen.
 tommy wheeler_tn.jpg

Bert Searle



The picture is shows Bert thatching a hay rick in 1937. The thatch was used to keep the hay dry.

Photograph courtesy of Bill Searle

 bert searle.jpg

Harry Herd


Harvesting in 1958 using a combine harvester.

Courtesy of Brian Emmett.


Bob Creasey

Bob is collecting the eggs from the poultry at the farm in 1958.

Courtesy of Brian Emmett

Brian & Robert Emmett


Father and son are seen with the Fordson tractor in 1958.


Picture courtesy of Brian Emmett



Bob Creasey & Taddy Redman

The men are bunching up holly to be sent to Covent Garden for sale in winter 1958.
Picture courtesy of Brian Emmett 


Brian Emmett


Brian was the last full time worker at Imberhorne Farm. Modern machinery has reduced the labour requirements of a farm that once employed over 50 people.

After Brian's death, the farmland is leased out and managed by the tenant farmers.




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